Affective Digital Histories

Posted: Tue, 07 Apr 2015 16:10

Affective Digital Histories

The Affective Digital Histories project has just come to an end following the launch of the Hidden Stories book at Phoenix on the 31st March. The project was exploring how "technology" can be used to connect people with the history of an area - in this case Leicester's St Georges area aka the Cultural Quarter.

Working with our Leicester University and Phoenix partners, Cuttlefish and Interact Labs developed two iPhone and Android apps - Hidden Stories and Sounds of the Cultural Quarter - as well as a new website and a "video booth" system.

The apps form part of our ongoing investigations in to "locative media" and allow people to explore creative writing and soundscapes that are located in the Cultural Quarter. You can use them as you walk around the area, or from a fixed location.

For more information about the apps (and how to download them for free) and the project in general visit the website at

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